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UK Soul Charts names Gwendolyn Collins Debut album #1

Gwendolyn Collins {Gwennie}, one of the hottest new Indie soul artists to make the scene, made her mark again in July 2014 with her debut CD, Storytelling Side I, The Simple Things. The CD reached the #1 spot on the UK Soul Charts and has stayed on the charts for over 20 weeks. Its popularity led to her tour in London, Birmingham, Liverpool, and Paris, where she performed for her overseas admirers. Born just across the river from New York City, in the Garden State of New Jersey, Gwendolyn Collins was blessed with the gift of song. Singing since she was able to talk, Gwendolyn’s talent was recognized and nurtured from an early age by loving parents. It wasn’t until she moved to Maryland, just outside of Washington, DC, that she began seriously performing, writing, producing and recording music that continues to attract fans of all music genres. Since arriving in the DC area, Ms. Collins, mother of three, has developed an impressive portfolio that defines her diverse musical path. From performing as lead songstress for large national and international bands, to accompanying intimate jazz trios, Gwendolyn continues to cultivate her talent through heartfelt lyrics and smooth vocals. Among her career highlights is when she was selected in 2006 as a ?nalist in the Fortune Magazine, “Battle of the Bands.” Along with this honor came the opportunity to perform at the Rock n’ Roll Hall of Fame in Cleveland, Ohio. To her other credits, Gwendolyn has created two video music scores and has had her vocal arrangements and songwriting talents used to produce other Indie artists’ projects. She is truly multi-talented with a passion for helping other artists reach their musical goals. Her musical coming out began a little later in her life than for most in this arena. In August of 2013, Gwendolyn wrote, co-produced and released her debut single, Share, with keyboardist/producer, Ollie Wright, which was received with unexpected international acclaim. DJs in the UK and throughout Europe picked up on Gwendolyn’s unique sound style and Share became a Top 30 hit on the UK Soul Charts. Ms. Collins followed up with her second single, Take a Walk with You, in September 2013. This debuted at #8 on the Top 20 Independent Breaking Artists Radio Show and reached the #1 spot, where it remained for 5 straight weeks, in November 2013. Then came The Simple Things, her lead single from her debut CD (inspired by her parents’ marriage of 50+ years). This was such a hit that it listed on both a UK and a Nigerian chart. With a style and musicality that is rare in performers today, Gwendolyn has been compared to Jill Scott and Erykah Badu, mixed with a little bit of Tracy Chapman. These artists have had a major in?uence on her style, along with her other favorites, Stephanie Mills, Rachelle Ferrell, Ledisi, and Annie Lenox. As described by a radio host, “there is a certain quality in her voice and style ........throwback to real music with spice, sass, sincerity, personality with a spirit of Nancy Wilson.” Gwendolyn’s style crossed international boundaries with producers from London, Paris and Chile reaching out to her to share on their projects, which even included singing in Spanish. Although she experienced tragedy in early 2015 with the passing of her beloved father, she understood the healing power of music and wrote her current single, Smile4ME: dedicated to his memory and released on his birthday. Smile4ME reached the #1 spot in the CDBaby Urban/Soul category and is currently #10 on the UK Soul Charts (July 2015). Treating her listeners to a compilation of varying musical genres, Ms. Collins’ songs are infused with her individual style of rich vocals and melodic harmonies. These showcase her songwriting and production talents and set the stage for the ?rst act in a career that demands more than one encore. ~I don't wish for my music to be SOMETHING to EVERYONE, but EVERYTHING to SOMEONE ~Gwendolyn Collins