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It’s a rare thing to find smart, poetic lyricism in pop music. Greycoats’ anglo-rock manages to spend both words and melody wisely. Their debut full-length album, “Setting Fire to the Great Unknown” (self-released, 2008) was marked by strong ambition, heartfelt romanticism and big ideas with a cinematic sweep. They returned to the Library Recording Studio in Minneapolis, enlisting the help of guitarist Jeremy Ylvisaker (Andrew Bird) to assist in production of their follow-up effort. Two years later, they emerged with a tighter, more determined sound and a collection of stories surrounding a post-utopian twilight, “Helicline”. Where “Setting Fire” drew against a backdrop of WWI as it tread through a dystopian molasses, “Helicline” finds inspiration in the 1939 World’s Fair and an America that’s slowly lost it’s carbonation. Their full-length album, World of Tomorrow, is set to release in January 2013.