Geoff Smith : That's Gravity

That's Gravity

Geoff Smith

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Geoff Smith

Pop : Rock

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The Beatles, Squeeze, Mike Viola, Ben Folds



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The same irresistible Power Pop you'd get if you mixed the Beatles, Squeeze and Mike Viola into a band together. Geoff Smith  is an independent artist based out of Nashville. He first gained international acclaim in 2005 as the jingle writer for some very high profile podcasters and new media companies. His work includes music for Adam Curry’s Daily Source Code and No Agenda Podcasts,This Week in Tech with Leo Laporte, and iJustine’s Ask iJ, featured recently on the Rachel Ray Show. His catchy pop jingles have been used on spots for Go Daddy, Honda, Mevio, Crayon Marketing, etc. Geoff was a featured guest on Music Business Radio in 2009 and his latest release, That’s Gravity is a collection of nine catchy pop songs.

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