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Galen Crew is an American recording artist, producer, and songwriter from Nashville, Tennessee. His music is known for its dream-like quality which often features fairy tale themes and seems to emanate from a different world. As a solo artist, he has worked closely with Grammy award winning producer Mark Heimermann (dcTalk, Downhere, Michael W. Smith). Heimermann was critical in the development of Galen's sound. Many of Galen's song were co-written by British songwriting legend Roger Cook (“I’d Like to Teach the World to Sing”, “Talking in Your Sleep”, “Long Cool Woman in a Black Dress”). One of the most notable Crew/Cook collabortions, “Sleepyhead”, has captured the hearts of millions of listeners in China after it exploded organically on Chinese music platforms. "Sleepyhead" has now reached the top 20 songs on NetEase Music, one of the most popular Chinese music apps. Galen first toured China in May 2016, and then again in October/November 2016. In addition to his career as an artist and songwriter, Galen is also an accomplished producer. Noteable projects include an acoustic version of the Newsboys CCM hit “Entertaining Angels” recorded by Phil Joel, and “Til Kingdom Come” for Joanne and Tommy Cash, a song written by Coldplay for Johnny Cash.. as well as side projects by Joe Brown, famous British artist who the Beatles used to open for before they became famous in England. Galen also regularly produces a lot of indie artists in Nashville.

Galen is currently working on new album, due to release in 2017.

Galen’s solo projects to date include: BETTER THAN A FAIRY TALE (2012) ACOUSTIC DAYDREAMS (2012) LIKE FIRE (2013) CHRISTMAS SPIRIT (2013) LET THEM SING(2014) SLEEPYHEAD - EP (2016) SLEEPYHEAD (DARKLIGHT REMIX) - SINGLE (2016) Galen uses: Kala Ukuleles Breedlove Guitars Taylor Guitars Kyser Capos Audix Microphones LRBaggs