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FWD Soundstage (aka FaithWay Doves) - is the world’s First Family of the Stage. The Suttons, A brilliant mix of brothers and sisters, who together form a Musical Theatre Production Company, are Christian recording artist and motivational speakers. FWD Soundstage has expanded their horizons to take a preeminent approach to their God-given abilities. This gifted family of singers, musicians, actors, educators, ministers, marketing professionals, authors, and entrepreneurs bring their skills together to inspire and enrich the lives of millions. FWD Soundstage, the Suttons have taken their talents beyond the steeple, stained-glass windows and four walls of local churches. Today FWD Soundstage brings to the world top-notch productions of inspirational musical theatre. The message, grounded upon a solid spiritual foundation, brings hope, builds character, and challenges the ills of society.