For The King : Depths Unseen

Depths Unseen

For The King

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For The King's first full length album: An iron fist and yet a tear jerker. This album will to you on a journey more emotionally invested than UP and more adventurous than Clark Griswold's Vacations.

Written of the course of two years, Depths Unseen takes its listeners along with For The King on all of their best-friend adventures. Depths Unseen contains Diverse lyrical perspectives, all focused on glorifying our God, Jesus Christ.

Depths Unseen is the crown jewel of everything the members of For The King have ever hoped to accomplish. They could not possibly more proud of this album.

For The King thanks their sound engineer, Ryan Wenzel for the incredible work he did on making this album sound the way it does (you can tell it's For The King by the way it is), they thank their fans, especially the Daltons, Furfies, Schneiders and Wilsons who have come almost every show, they thank God for giving them their musical abilities, show opportunities and resources to make the album and finally anyone who has ever listened to or supported them, it makes them feel really special and warm inside.

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