Fate the Juggler : The Ghost of Beauty Lost

The Ghost of Beauty Lost

Fate the Juggler

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Fate the Juggler

World : Folk Rock

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Mumford & Sons, Fleet Foxes, Beatles, Crowded House, Jethro Tull



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by Keith Rule (Punch & Judy) Been following these guys for a while now, and eagerly await a second album. Very pleased to have this superb additional song in the meantime (Her Aurburn Hair) One of their top tracks. Every 'Ginger' should own a copy :-) Anyone who hasn't discovered '...the 'Jugglers' yet is truly missing out on something pretty damned fresh, original, organic and uplifting in a world full of drab, tired and recycled 'artefacts'. Don't try to pigeonhole them - just enjoy their excellent songs and sounds. Catch them live if you can, whenever you can, buy their recordings and join those of us already in the know!

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