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Out Of My Head - This is my favorite Fastball track, bar none and I barely played on it. I did the guitar solo, that’s it. The first time I heard this demo I flipped. I couldn’t believe Tony had written such a great song and I’m not surprised that the chorus hook of this song is back in the Top 20 on the “Machine Gun Kelly/Camilla Cabello tune “Bad Things”.

Whatever Gets You On - Before Fastball, I was in a band called Big Car. We got signed to Giant Records and I thought we were gonna be huge. Wrong! Anyways, my partner in crime in that band was a guy named Jeff Groves. He co-wrote this song with me. It used to be called “Heroes and Villains”. The lyrics are kinda daft but this was the best I could do at the time. As dodgy as the backing vocals are, I think I like this demo better than the actual track on “The Harsh Light of Day”.

You’re An Ocean - Tony really wanted to put this on “All The Pain Money Can Buy” but he brought it in midstream and we didn’t have time to record it. We ended up recording it in F# instead of G. Billy Preston came in to play on it and he was kind of annoyed at the key signature. “F sharp?” he would say, incredulously, in between takes.

Cafe Bleu - I had a girlfriend that DJ-ed this Thursday night mod party in Hollywood called Cafe Bleu. It was really fun and they played a lot of Brit Pop. I have fond memories of being pleasantly smashed and listening to the Jam’s “Beat Surrender” blast out of the sound system and everyone going nuts. Johnny Marr showed up one night, it was just a cool place to be. My girlfriend was also a photographer, she had a million things going and I was kinda laying around trying to write songs for the next Fastball album. We weren’t on tour anymore and I had a lot of free time. I wrote this one about her. This song is pretty accurate, I really like it. I’m not sure why it didn’t end up on the record.

Home is Better - One of the rare Fastball songs about domestic bliss. Maybe that’s why it didn’t make the record. This was one of many songs Tony submitted for “The Harsh Light of Day.

Emotional - I wrote this for “All The Pain Money Can Buy”. It’s me on the guitars and Kevin McKinney (who played on “Keep Your Wig On” and plays in a band called Wrenfro with Tony) on drums and bass. I really love the way this one sounds. We weren’t able to recapture the feel and so it never made the record but Fastball’s version did come out as a b-side.

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