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Fancy Babel is a four-piece band, from Saint Paul and it’s southeast suburbs, which consists of vocalist and guitar player Daniel Burdash; lead guitar, synth, and background vocalist Ryan Nyquist; bassist Aaron Burdash; and drummer Jon Oney. Daniel fills the father role in the band, striving for a mature sound and competent performance from each member. Fancy Babel has worked hard to write, produce and record their first album, although it took some time because two of the band members were pursuing university degrees full time.

In the early stages of Fancy Babel’s infancy, it was decided that the members wanted to give listeners something as catchy and interesting as possible. They desired to break away from cliché lyrics and familiar song structures, while still giving listeners a sound that they love, which is found somewhere between influences such as Ryan Adams, U2, and the Killers. Since 2008, the tasty and creative result has been and continues to be the sound of Fancy Babel.

The lyrics of Fancy Babel’s debut album, Plague of Man, which was released July 2012, go way beyond the shallowness that encompasses most lyrics today. Some themes throughout their lyrics include the topics of doubt, faith, hope, failure and the state of humanity. The album’s lyrical expression straddles the line between argument and emotion. Whether it can be called something new or a return to what rock and roll should be, the forward driving sound of Fancy Babel promises to be a great listen for all, except maybe your grandma.