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Eine Blume is a husband and wife duo, truly unique in style and songwriting. Their lyrics and melodies are intimate and deliberate and steeped lightly in southern and scandinavian spice. This is not background music but music to feed the soul.

It has been said of their 2010 release, "Ennå Er Det Håp Fru Ahlgren" :

"...melodic folk, delicately playful, whimsical and poetic, a conceptual work of art."

"It’s a very intimate album; folky, but refined and elegant. The content is rich; personal complications of family struggle, true thankfulness, universal human failure, and tangible hope in the very center of the storms that hurl over the mountain top in an instant to consume us in crisis." -Nathan Rodehaver

"it's like ascending into a warm velvety fairy tale" -byron eggehorn-producer / artist

Please read a review of "Ennå Er Det Håp Fru Ahlgren" here: http://nathanrodehaver.wordpress.com/2011/03/08/hope-springs-eternal-from-headphones-eine-blumes-fru-ahlgren/