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Started a long while ago since i was the age of six and practices daily in my room and pratices with my youth groups praise band during their practice which really fun and lots of exictment for the actual thill for the real thing. Is second tenor in my church that i go to chior i am the youngest one there and i get along with everyone esle there. I sing in my spare time and also bmxs in spare time and i will be in the summer camp praise that help at every summer which will lots of fun to sing with the new life island praise band. I'm a songwriter and music artist for the genre Christian Rock. I have changed my genre and i have gone bigger and now i do various stuff now. I'm writing a book a song for the Door Of Hope ministry done a song for a podcast and was refused by the podcast but they like it. I have doubled the number of fans i have and likes. I have also picked up a great artist who will be making some great art in the future. He was recently signed on by Hyena Productions and is working with one of the artists who is called Skunky also known as The Big Hyena and he is looking for voice acting jobs and is always looking to keep his schedule that is always filled with free time to be filled with free time to be filled with time of work.