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I, Donnie Stopa Jr, became an entertainer at a very early age. My love of people and making them laugh became most apparent in school, when I had a daily, captive audience with which to try out new material. Due to my not-so-scholastic, comedic endeavors, I even earned the prestige of being recognized as “The poster-child for ADD!” – Thanks Mrs. Johnson.

I started my first comedic band in the fifth grade and put on concert events for show-and-tell, neighborhood kids, or quite frankly… anyone I could get in front of. In the ninth grade, I was charged with the task of writing a paper entitled, “What I want to do when I grow up.” I searched my heart and emphatically professed that I wanted to be a professional hockey player, a stand-up comedian, or a professional musician when I grew up. Now, I am all three! Well, I do occasionally play recreational hockey in my free time, so kind of… Through various public speaking, musical performance, and drama roles during high school and college, I began to develop even more as an entertainer. In my adult life, I have gained experience as a full-time musician and developed a background in stand-up comedy. I have also been involved with improv-comedy, sketch comedy/short films, and have worked as a freelance emcee. Through this soul-searching vocational journey, being a professional entertainer has now become a realized goal, and I love every moment of it!