Debra Devi : Get Free

Get Free

Debra Devi

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Guitar International "It isn’t often that I come across an album that’s so good I have to listen to it multiple times in a row. After the fifth time through Get free I was left with only one question, “How in the world have I never heard of this artist before?”

Vintage Guitar "Debra’s playing is big, melodic and bold. “C21H23NO3? demonstrates perfectly what she is about, starting with a pop/folk feel and chords catchy as hell, it moves into an almost metal feel with a nasty solo. Debra wraps it up with a frenetic Hendrix-style jam."

New York Music Daily "Get Free has pretty much everything a band ought to deliver: catchy, melodic songs, gorgeously soaring vocals, killer musicianship and a centerpiece that’s a genuine classic."

Midwest Record "This stuff ought to be the new sound of the city, the new sound of the suburbs and has the snazz to be the first real rock break out in a long time."

Banned Promotions "I am sitting here in my easy chair BLASTING “When It Comes Down” off of Get Free and it’s giving me this fuzzed out stoner rock vibe yet I don’t know that I’ve EVER heard a female singing in a stoner band. I’m in musical heaven right now."

Metal Hammer Debra has a compelling voice that reminds us of Sheryl Crow & PJ Harvey, but the music is very rock--with her guitar playing reminding us of the incomparable Jimi Hendrix.

Crusher (UK) "Exhilarating and contemplative, with instantly memorable hooks and solos that dig deep as well as wide. Hopefully Get Free is just a first step toward universal recognition for Debra and her fabulous band."

Junior's Cave "Get Free is an instant masterpiece."

Marie Claire (Italy) "They say rock is dead and it probably is true. This does not prevent Debra Devi from playing rocknroll with a beautiful and heartfelt passion."

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