Daphne Lee Martin : Dig & Be Dug

Dig & Be Dug

Daphne Lee Martin

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Songwriting Chanteuse Daphne Lee Martin "Dame Calico" performs as a Solo Artist as well as with the 'Jubilee Year' featuring Chris Castle & Sandy Allen She also performs and records with The Red Hot Stove Tops, Ida Red, and her full original swing band, Raise the Rent! Wrung from the rags of New London’s speakeasies, Dame Calico & Raise the Rent stir together a wicked musical cocktail, drawing from the deep well of the American songbook. Fusing honky-tonk torch vocals with swing and gypsy fiddling, swirling jazz-pop, and zydeco and ragtime harmony singing, they bring together the gems of their own original songs with a top-shelf selection of beloved American broadsides of a bygone age. Whether you’re in the mood for an easy evening of sweet melodies or a night of swinging tunes, Raise the Rent is a band you must pull over to hear!

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