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Montreal born, Toronto based recording artist, and intrinsic rocker DANIELLE DUVAL launched OF THE VALLEY with Carlin Nicholson and Mike O’Brien of Zeus (Arts & Crafts Records) at the production helm. In support of the album, Duval toured with Jason Collett (Broken Social Scene), Royal Wood, Paper Lions, and completed a sold-out National tour in over 20 Canadian cities as the opener on Serena Ryder's “Stompa” tour. Duval and band performed the album single, “Day Becomes Night” on CBC Television’s “George Stroumboulopoulos Tonight!, and on CBC Radio’s “q”. Both English and French (“Jour devient nuit”) versions of the single charted within the Top 10 at college and satellite radio across North America.

Following the Serena Ryder tour, Duval soaked in the musical history of New York City’s Manhattan, Harlem, and Brooklyn boroughs, where many of the sounds on her forthcoming record originated, and in turn, where many of the new songs were written. Duval got down to work both in her living room studio in Toronto, and with Sam Roberts at his “Dark Horse” basement studio in Montreal; recording and working through tons of demos, exploring cool, new sounds; striving to craft the best songs possible. She’s also hit up Toronto’s incredible “Synth Twins”, Mark & Matt Thibideau, to delve deep into the world of classic, vintage, analog synthesizers, samplers, and drum machines. Renowned, Juno award winning, Canadian record-producer Gus Van Go (Whitehorse, Arkells, Wintersleep) heard the new songs and immediately jumped on board to produce Duval’s sophomore album.

Delivered by a magnetically gutsy voice; the new music is harmony driven, melodic indie-rock, juxtaposed with the sounds, textures, and addictive drive of electro-synth-pop music with artful lyrics that cut straight to the heart. Gus and Duval share a common vision to combine and capture the swagger and grit illustrated by artists like LCD Soundsystem, T-Rex, and Joan Jett with the electronic new wave music made classic by bands like The Cars, Human League, and Blondie. The new record simultaneously maintains Duval’s unique edge as an indie-rock songwriter as it explores and incorporates the vast, dynamic layers, pulse, fast tempos, and catchy energy that new wave music provided in the late 70s to late 80s.

Duval hit Toronto with the launch of her debut ep, L’Étranger, featuring the track “You’re The One That I Want” which aired on David Duchovny’s cult TV series “Californication” (Showtime). Her heart-wrenching transformation of “Grease’s” bubble gum pop tune was also released on the official “Californication” soundtrack. Duval has collaborated with amazing Canadian artists; singing on Sam Roberts’ “Chemical City” and “Lo-Fantasy”, Bahamas lent his musical skills to a few tracks on OF THE VALLEY, Jason Collett sang a duet on Duval’s song “Sundowner”, and in-turn she sang on his album “Reckon”. The DD Band has also hit some great festivals; CMW, Pop Montreal, NXNE, Hillside, JUNOfest, and Jason Collett’s, “The Basement Review”.

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