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If you ask people to describe Csilla, you’ll often hear phrases like: what a voice, sings with her soul, passionate, and gracious. But when you meet her in person the one thing that especially comes across is the depth of her character. She has a heart for people and a passion for impacting others, while making a positive difference in the world.

Csilla was born in Romania but is native Hungarian. When she was only 18, she started working with Friendship International Ministries, a Christian organization serving orphanages and churches by using music and sport. In 1999, she met her husband, David, who was also a missionary with the same organization. David and Csilla were married in 2000, in Debrecen, Hungary. After their wedding, both David and Csilla continued working with the same organization for the next 8 years. They had the opportunity to tour many European countries and the United States. In 2007, school brought them permanently to the United States. Csilla and her family currently live in Nasville, TN with their two kiddos, Natalie and James. Csilla’s journeys have taken her around the world and allowed her to impact many people. Her love of working with people inspired her to become a certified John Maxwell speaker and coach. Music has been a central part of her life from a young age. At 18, she started singing and has performed in hundreds of concerts in Europe and the United States. Csilla desires to inspire, encourage, challenge, and empower others to a live life using their full potential. Her mission is to make a positive impact through her voice, music and life. “Music is one of those life things for me. I’ve always loved it and I always will. We are emotional people and music really moves us. I believe that music combined with God’s word is a powerful tool for encouragement and for building up others. My greatest hope and prayer is that God will use my voice and life to build and encourage other’s to live life to it’s fullest.”