Cory Branan : Bad Man

Bad Man

Cory Branan

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We’ve had our eye on Cory for just about as long as he’s been honing his air-tight, clever version of the perfect storysong. For those who don’t know him, though, Branan is the owner of two well-crafted, kinetically charged albums—2002’s 'The Hell You Say' and 2006’s '12 Songs'—on Madjack Records. From the two releases came standouts ("The Prettiest Waitress in Memphis," "A Girl Named Go," "Tall Green Grass," and many others) that we’ve listened to in embarrassing amounts, and then probably annoyed our friends with to boot. He has garnered praise from Rolling Stone, GQ, Billboard, and performed on Late Night with David Letterman.

Cory's Bloodshot debut, 'Mutt,' is out May 22, 2012.

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