Jordan Copas

Jordan Copas - Copacetic EP

Jordan Copas

Jordan Copas - Copacetic EP

Jordan Copas

Christian/Gospel : Hip Hop

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Jordan Copas, Good New Music, Hip Hop, Soul, Pop


Johnson City, TN

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Copacetic is defined as satisfactory, alright, good, and fine. I have heard this statement a few times "Don't worry, because everything's copacetic."

I've also heard "Hey Jordan - it's gonna be all good man, it's all copacetic." I know what the opposite of copacetic is as well; bad, poor, inferior, substandard, mediocre, wretched, unsatisfactory and so on. Well, I've lived the opposite of a copacetic life. Briefly I am going to share with you a little bit about myself.

Born May 14, 1986 in Johnson City, TN - it was hard to smile. I knew what it was like to be in need... to go to sleep hungry and not knowing what I was going to wake up to. It was something different every day, and always a lot of drama! I had trust issues. People would pop into my life and then disappear just as quickly.It was a cycle to which I quickly became accustomed: No male role model and no family support. I felt abandoned, rejected, and unloved. My mother did her best to raise me and my sisters, but it was hard to do - working 3 jobs with long hours to try to keep food on the table. I had a lot of alone time, and most of that time was spent roaming the streets.

I was in and out of trouble starting at a young age. Counselors couldn't help, anger management did nothing for me, cuffs couldn't stop me, and authority could not get through to me. I was my own boss, a latch-key kid who trusted no one. The thought of people letting me down hurt, so I kept people at bay. I was abused in many forms and I lost my innocence early on. The scars ran deep and the pain has still not gone away. Life was hard, but I knew nothing else so to me it was all good ... It was just the life I knew. Deep inside, though, there was always something nagging in the back of my brain. I always wanted more, and I wanted to help others around me in need.

WHY COPACETIC?This is why I want to do this Copacetic project. In the midst of this world where it seems like a lot of no good is happening, we can still have true joy, and we can still be at peace. No matter what our circumstance we still have hope. No matter who tries to stop us we can still dance. Dance through all the pain and be carefree. Let go of all the cares of this world and really come to a place where you feel that you are free. That is why I'm doing this project. Why worry about your life? Aren't there enough problems coming at you today? It would be awesome to be able to have a group of my friends to come together and everyone be in a place in their heart where they are content and not worrying. We find ourselves getting anxious, and that is real. My goal is to have you kick back and turn on my music and feel good no matter what situation you are facing. I used to be afraid to dance. I used to be afraid to open up, and really I used to be afraid to just be myself. Who cares what people think about you? Just be you! Be yourself.

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