Chris Hutch : Into This World

Into This World

Chris Hutch

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Soundscapes to help find rest and stillness in a loud and noisy world...

This EP of four instrumental soundscapes invites you to rest and relax.....Spacious, peaceful and hopeful.

Each song has been born out of a personal journey of hardship over years of illness and battling life's difficulites - I've experienced how stillness, rest and peace that doesn't come from this often loud and over-stimulated world, calms and soothes the it can lead me to know who i really am and what i'm made for.

I especially dedicate this EP to my amazing wife :)

I also dedicate it to all of us who are in the hard places of life...there is always hope. Our journey is not over!

If you would like to support me further as a musician you are welcome to :) I'm really delighted that you have gone out of your way to find and listen to my music :)

Chris Hutch, April 2017 :)

  • Stories of the songs & journeying life's hard seasons

Out of stories of hardship comes a refining, where life gets striped all the way back and treasures can be found in the darkness.

Having all the time in the world does not mean we find true rest or peach - we struggle for this stillness and rest in an over-busy, over-stimulated world.

This EP is a compilation of instrumentals that all share one thing in common - they're simple musical expressions on an unknown journey, over a number of years battling through chronic illness and life's rollercoaster.... All tracks are simply improvisations, 'played in-the-moment'.

'Not Alone' and 'Into This World' are exactly this. Raw and spacious - not 'written' or planned - they just came out while the record button was on in my home studio.

'Dark Brightening' and 'Fresh Air' were recorded on an iPad. Some extra instruments where added to the original piano track of Dark Brightening and the guitar loop that became Fresh Air. These simple recordings were in fact only recorded for my own use - to help myself, time and time again, to find peace and proper rest. But creativity and art can only truly grow when it's shared.

  • Please Share with others!

Listen, use these songs, as i have over these difficult years.....when we find ourselves over-tired and weary, needing to be still, fighting with anxiety, stress, worry or pain; or if we are grieving...

Please share these instrumentals with others - who are journeying life's hardships, where it can be so hard to find true peace or faith for the journey. Also, with those of us who need true rest or peace, when battling illnesses, mental health issues, difficult life circumstances and find ourselves in the low points of life. There's always hope....

....Never journey alone.....

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