From Chris Hutch

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Hi and welcome to my Noisetrade music site!

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I am a songwriter, producer and co-member of the band The New Town Criers

These songs are my solo instrumental music creations.

My hope is that you might find stillness, peace and rest in this music, especially in world that is becoming so full of noise and distraction.

All my songs are simple, personal expressions through music and creativity - an unspoken musical prayer-language if you will. My first release 'Into This World', has been born out of years battling chronic illnesses.... Click on 'Into This World' for more stories behind the songs and music.

Wherever we're at, especially if we find ourselves in the hard seasons of life, our very souls long for this stillness and peace....

That's what my music is all about - so please use it, if it helps you in anyway. Especially if you're in a 'hard season' of life....whether it's struggling with illness, mental health issues, difficult life circumstances or in a low place.

To me, these songs are spiritual songs as I've journeyed through illness and my faith - knowing I'm never alone. Community has been a big part of my story. Many have faithfully surrounded me as I have fought the battles of isolation and life's difficulties. Especially in darker days, these tracks over the years have often helped me find comfort and peace that is not from this world, a closeness to God who I'd at times doubted and denied, but who has never abandoned me, even when I may have walked away from him many times. I've come to learn over these years that there is always hope and that we should never journey alone...

Thats just a bit of my story, I just hope you enjoy my music!

There's more to come....

Chris Hutch, April 2017 :)