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Chasen Little is from Owensboro, Ky and began his journey playing drums at age 2. He attended Owensboro High School and participated in the band program for 4 years. Chasen played in the jazz band where he played the drumset and really worked on his musicianship. His last 2 years of high school Chasen won most improved musician and the John Philip Sausa Award. The summer of his senior year he worked and attended a music camp called Music at Maple Mount orchestrated by Mr. and Mrs. White in Owensboro, Ky. By the end of the summer he won best soloist and camper of the year. His influences while in high school were: Ed Kearns (percussion teacher) Chick Corea, Dave Weckl, Austin Moore (private lessons teacher), Herbie Hancock, Harvey Mason Jay Z, Usher, Fred Hammond, Kurt Carr, Kirk Franklin, Ben Tankard, and John P. Kee.

Chasen was offered a Scholarship after graduating from high school. He attended Eastern Kentucky University to study Percussion 2001-2003 with Dr. Jason Koontz. He studied a wide variety of styles from Indonesian music to Latin Jazz. He then transferred to Morehead State University to study with Dr. Brian Mason, Dr. Steve Snyder, and Dr. Gordon Towell where he studied World Music and Jazz, emphasis in percussion, from 2003-2007. He was also in the Marching band program and the Jazz program. In 2003 Chasen participated at PASIC and/or PAS (Percussive Arts Society) where the Morehead State Indoor Percussion Ensemble competed and won. In 2006 he went to the Elhurst Jazz festival where he performed with the Morehead State Jazz program and received an award for outstanding performer and outstanding soloist on drumset.

In 2007 Chasen moved to Nashville. Chasen competed in the Guitar Center Drum Off and won the store finals. After the drum off, that lead to him be on his first touring gig. Chasen has a wide variety of artist that he has worked in the studio for and has played live music with. After leaving Nashville, Tn in 2008, Chasen moved to Houston, Tx to study and tour with Recording Artist Jimmy Needham and go on his first ever big tour. 2009 Chasen played drums for Jimmy Needham on the Rush of Fools Inpop records tour. In 2010 Chasen toured the Scandinavian countries with Jimmy Needham and his band: Denmark, Copenhagan, Norway, Sweden, and Amsterdam. Trip Lee and Jimmy Needham Followed up with the Grace Amazing tour in 2011, he was also privileged to play on that tour. In summer of 2011 Chasen played drums on the Good Life Tour with Trip Lee, Lecrea, Tedashii, Swoop, Andy Mineo, Alex Medina, and Dj Official (fish). After Being in texas, he decided to move back to Kentucky to be better connected to his family.

He tours and plays drums with the Chasen Little Group and Factor Primo.

Artist Roster (worked for and with):

Chasen Little/Independent


Kris Eans Experiment

S.O.T.A. State of Art

Aaron Kizer

Emanuel “Manny” Lemus

Toby Mac

Tommy Simms

John Ruben

The Katina’s

Ayiesha Woods


James Tealy

David Myers

Matt Hornbeck

Thomas Rose Factor

Jonathan Winstead

Arch Nemesiz

Jason Lovins Band

Micheal Hackett

Josh Turner

Josiah Bell

Will Solomon

Barlow Girl

Michael Weaver/Big Daddy Weave

Brenden Mcpeek


Britt Nicole

Josh Crosby

David Needham

Ryan Owen

Wayne Kerr

Jonathan Gray

Jonny Lang

Kelvin Mcclendon

Krystal Myers

Morehead State Percussion Ensamble

Brian Mason

Morehead State Jazz Ensemble

Domingo Guyman

Stephanie Smith

Steve Snyder

Gordon Towell

Jay Flippin

<p class="MsoNormal">Eric Siereveld

Matthew Anklan

Tripp Lee

Jimmy Needham



Andy Mineo


DJ Official

Alex Madena

B. Reith

Sarah Reeves

Jon McConnell

Kyle Cruz

Sharif Iman

Matt Kearny

Quentin Michael

Mike Logan

Dave Wyatt

Rashad Barber

Edwin Santiago

Ivan Santiago

Kimber Rising


Rick Siebold

Antwan Horton

Brooke Barretsmith

Glenn Ginn

El Movimiento

Antonio Neal

Chasen Little’s Endorsements are:

Risen Drums and Heartbeat Turkish Cymbals