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Ethan Strange creates songs that are inspired by his world, real and imaginary. His love of music videos and movies helps Strange create the sounds he needs, and imagines as if the song was for a soundtrack for an imaginary movie. His moniker, Celadon City, relates back to the first generation of Pokemon, which influenced his nostalgic tones and 8 bit sounds. Many other influences include night time, photography, Slow Magic, Baths, Tycho, and M83. Although he has changed his project's name several times, he has found a fitting name that both blends the old and new. His recent success has been his latest remix of Spazzkid, which fills the song with indie dance tracks and simple melodies, which expand into a full explosion of synth driven chords. Excursions, his debut EP under his new moniker, is set to release sometime before Winter 2014.