Caustic Euphony

Caustic Euphony

Boston, MA

For Fans Of

Death, Satariel, Dismember, Into Eternity, Wintersun



Caustic Euphony is a progressive death metal band, with elements of Black metal. It is a sideproject of the founder of Unleashing Vengeance (Zakk Asshole) that formed in 2006 as a death metal band that soon became progressive Death Metal. Later Black Metal Elements were added and as of late Melodic Death Metal Elements are more common.. But in older stuff that isn't the case at all. Production varies from ok to bad. Caustic Euphony formed long before I learned how to Mix Properly so the production of many of the albums will be decent at best. If you don't like badly produced music, avoid caustic euphonies stuff in 2009 to 2011. It improved later after 2011 though. Stuff in 2006 to 2008 has ok to good production...

Members: Zakk Asshole - Clean Vocals/drums Kirk Stabbati - Guitars Tom Wilson - Death Growls/bass