Carmen Spada : Buona Sera

Buona Sera

Carmen Spada

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Carmen Spada's love of jazz, folk music and his Italian heritage are the influences and sounds behind his 2013 EP, Buona Sera. Produced by Marc Rogers (Emma Lee, Ash and Bloom), this release features Spada's complete musical skill set, including pianist, accordionist, vocalist, composer (2 tracks), arranger and orchestrator (all tracks). His arrangements of "Chitarra Romana" and "Buona Sera" reference glimpses of the original recordings of these tracks, but are presented in a contemporary setting to appeal to those who may be hearing these traditional songs for the first time. "La Merica", the theme song to writer/producer/director Germano Di Mattia's 2005 award-winning documentary "Valigie di Cartone" (Cardboard Suitcases), demonstrates Spada's appreciation and sensitivity to the essence of folk music: the melody. This simple composition undergoes a 9-minute trio interpretation, which, as Spada explains, "turned out to be the amount of time needed to share this story of hope, despair and love for anyone who has left their homeland, in search of a better, but uncertain future anywhere else but home. This was my grandfather's story and ultimately the backstory of my life." The album rounds out with "You Ain't The Girl For Me" and "Why You Make Me Fall In Love With You", original compositions by Spada which seem to highlight heartbreak with a prideful arrogance instead of the usual painful longing. Carmen Spada is backed by some of Canada's finest horn players as well as an internationally acclaimed rhythm section of Rogers on bass and Mark McLean on drums (George Michael, Oscar Peterson). Spada currently shares his time between Toronto and Boston, and has recently started touring as a member of Henri Smith's band and with Juno-award winning guitarist, Robert Michaels.

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