Brandon Parr : Breaking Down: Acoustic Instrumentals

Breaking Down: Acoustic Instrumentals

Brandon Parr

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Brandon Parr

Instrumental : Indie

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Josh Ritter, Nick Drake, Bob Dylan, Glen Hansard, Andy McKee


Newport News

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I'm a singer/songwriter originally from the Dallas area. I write and perform original music full-time, dividing attention between songs and two beings which I love more than anything, my wife and my four-legged friend, Brittni. I first began writing songs while in college. These numbers were more complicated in those days because I was, first, a guitarist with no ambition in life other than to sit with a six-string, and second, because I had not lived life enough to draw from experiences, either good or bad, and incorporate those things into soulful art. After committing to this entirely musical way of life full-throttle many years ago, one of my first songs was used in an independent film. Then, as life aged me a bit, I focused on other forms of music such as pop and folk/rock. In 2011I returned to fingerstyle guitar with Breaking Down: Acoustic Instrumentals, my fifth independent project. This album, above any other project, is the work I am most proud of.