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I'm a singer/songwriter originally from Texas. I write and perform music full-time, juggling family, art, guitar making, and my four-legged friend along the way. I first began writing songs while in college. In those days, I mostly sat with a guitar and came up with something fun to play. When life aged me a bit, words were added. Those words became more mature as time went on. However, I've never lost that original love for bare acoustic guitar. As a result, my catalog is full of both singer/songwriter material as well as instrumentals. I never stop working, yet have a very real hangup about self-promotion and much bigger issues with social networking. Personally, I can't stand being marketed to, so I'm likely not going to do that to another person. Please find and enjoy my music the old fashioned way. Download an album and listen to the entire thing. If you like it, check back often.