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Brandon J.

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Brandon J.


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Detroit, MI.



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Hello Everyone

I’ve always wanted to do a Christmas album and this year I decided to do so. I really worked very hard, putting my heart and soul into the vocals and arrangements on this album. With this being said, there are of course flaws that come along with this project due to the fact that I am an independent artist and recorded the entire album alone, without sound engineers, etc. However, I wanted to give you all the best quality possible and I promise I did the best I could. I’m clearly not a sound engineer to provide the best professional sounding project, but I did do the best I could. This means that there isn’t much mixing and mastering on this particular project. Instead, it gives you more of a “live” and “raw” vocal feel (almost like our listening to an old school “album” or “record.” I can only hope and pray that you all enjoy my artistry and the dedication I put into getting this complete. I am very proud of the work and I hope you all will be just as thrilled with it as I am. Enjoy and Merry Christmas! :-)

All vocal arrangements done by: Brandon J.

Background Vocals: Brandon J., Reggie Hollins (Away In A Manger)

Cover Music by: Various Artist Including: Antone Jones (The First Noel), Charlotte Clare (Round Christmas Time), Musamees1000 (Special), Marcus Johnson (Little Drummer Boy Interlude), Robbins Island Music Group (O Come All Ye Faithful). (Tracks were used to cover songs and for artistic exposure ONLY, not for personal profit)

Album art done by: Joseph James Hall & Brandon J. (photo)

Thank You to ALL the individuals who helped support this project: Whitney Smith, Terry Singleton, Ashleigh Watson, Terrance Wyatt, Tony Eadie, Duane Ty Lanier, Ada Bowie, Maggie Carter, Autour Thomas, Clyde Cooper, Vanessa Levy, Tasha Harris, Tee Simpson, Sandra Kiser and Reggie Hollins

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