From Jacob Needham & The Blue Trees

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Jacob Needham & The Blue Trees are an Alternative Rock/ Americana band based in Nashville, TN. The band brings their brand new release, "All But Over Now". After striking a deal with OAG MGMT the single is currently being distributed worldwide.

In February 2015, Needham partnered with local musician, James Tyler Cody, to bring a new dynamic to his music. “Adding James to the group was like finding a missing puzzle piece,” says Needham. James’ talent as a multi-instrumentalist combined with Needham’s unique vocal style creates the essence of their original and abstract sound.

“Jacob’s music is of pure heart and soul. He is going to go very far in the music industry and will do great things,” says Gene Rowley, Producer/CEO of APH Radio. Since its release in November 2014, Jacob’s single “Forever Girl” has sold over 10,000 copies in the United States. “After hearing “Forever Girl” for the first time, I knew that Jacob had much to offer and I consider it a blessing to be working with him,” says Cody. The two have been joined by musicians, bassist Ben Trexel and drummer RaShaun Austin Whetstone, enriching the sound and musicality of the group.

Needham’s single, "Forever Girl", the bands hit single, "Chasing You", and newest single "All But Over Now", are currently available through a variety of Internet retailers such as the iTunes music store, Google Play, and Spotify. They are booking for Casinos, Clubs, Concert Venues, and Private Events. Under the management of Sam Coplin (Producer of ZZ Top, Freddie King, and many other major acts), The Blue Trees are sure to deliver an unforgettable show!