Bliss Nova : Do You Feel EP

Do You Feel EP

Bliss Nova

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Rather than talk about the songs ourselves, let's see what other people other saying.

"The only ones who suffer from listening to Bliss Nova are festival-goers deciding whether to do uppers or downers.” - Riley Savage, The Alternative

"'Do You Feel' is like diving into a pool you never want to leave." - Kayla Williams, Toledo City Paper

"The six-song release showcases the Toledo, Ohio duo's ability to make approachable and enjoyable music a la Toro Y Moi and Washed Out." - Jason Grishkoff, Indie Shuffle

"Can’t help but get swept up in the dance infused indie pop dream." - Jessica Wright, Under Bright Lights "Bliss Nova’s music is certain to get you dancing." - Julia Conlon, Noise Polluter

"An atmospheric daydream of an album." - Amber Patrick, Midwest Action

"The group’s new Do You Feel EP showcases their neon-bright take on indie-pop with an undeniable affinity for the dance floor." - Riley Savage, All Things Go

"Each track included on this brief introduction to Bliss Nova shimmers with euphoric felicity." - The Alternative

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