Black Liquid : Black Liquid X Fiona Apple - Title

Black Liquid X Fiona Apple - Title

Black Liquid

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Having released 16 albums, opened for major artists such as DMX, Snoop Dogg, Fabolous, Immortal Technique, Rapper Big Pooh, Doodlebug, headlined one of the largest venues, The National, in my hometown Richmond, Virginia several times, creating and teaching a Hip-Hop Creative Writing curriculum in both public and private schools and making the front of the Richmond Times-Dispatch, speaking at juvenile detention centers, being on the CBS 6 news, creating my own event series, Face Melt Friday at Strange Matter, for independent artists like myself while creating a platform for us to be heard by doing 3 FM radio shows a week; the need to express myself and what I am going through and have been through was undeniable.

As a long time Fiona Apple fan, I have been able to relate to her lyrics and music from day one. Her sharing of her reality, vulnerability, and honesty combined with her sound and use of keys has always inspired me, and reminded me that no matter how strong you may seem its that weakness that gives you strength, and the struggle that makes you who you are and allows you to grow. My music, my work, is who I am, and I could think of no other artist whose sound I could infuse with my own, as well as an unique way to challenge my producers. The result is my most honest and personal album yet: Black Liquid X Fiona Apple - Title. I hope you enjoy it and that it inspires you to look within, as Fiona has inspired me to time after time.