Bee bakare : Bee Bakare 2015 EP

Bee Bakare 2015 EP

Bee bakare

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Bee bakare is a new artist breaking through. She released a self-titled Debut EP on the 9th June 2015, available now on iTunes and other stores. With a voice that has been described as timeless, and a soulful-rich tone, she brings a fresh sound onto the music scene that is sure to leave an indelible mark.

The singer-songwriter from Bath, UK released her first single 'Little darling' in May 2015, which has been described as emotive yet inspiring, both conveying the rawness and authenticity that permeate through her music. She would describe herself as wanting to be known for her 'written as well as vocal work'. That being said, the creative expression and its diversity within her EP is certain to pave the way towards that destination.