Beautiful Eulogy : Satellite Kite

Satellite Kite

Beautiful Eulogy

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Beautiful Eulogy

Hip-Hop/Rap : Experimental

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Flying Lotus, Bon Iver, Pharoahe Monch, James Blake, Outkast


Portland, OR

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Satellite Kite is the debut record from the Portland, OR based group Beautiful Eulogy. This album is an eclectic mixture of many musical genres delivered through the boldness and conviction of Hip-Hop. The production is unique and experimental creating a crisp and clear stage for the record’s equally progressive lyrical content. This project is soulful, compelling, and educational, while spanning a wide range of emotions and mediums of expression. There is a strong Folk influence in the feel and melodies while at the same time a raw and articulate swing to its poetry. Musically the record offers a myriad of sounds and styles but intellectually one message is proclaimed; it is the power and providence of the King of Kings and the good news of the Gospel of Christ Jesus. Listen and enjoy. Appearances: Josh Garrels, Catalina Bellizzi, Propaganda and Lee Green. For more music from Beautiful Eulogy & their friends from Humble Beast, visit

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