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“Jesse Hall left the city he loves and a promising pop-punk band to follow a girl to Austin. All he got was a broken heart, a long trip back and the seed for one of the best albums to come out of Pittsburgh in 2010,”(Pittsburgh Post-Gazette). Most of the debut record from Bear Cub was written on that 2,000-mile car ride back home, which chronicles the singer-songwriter's ill-fated romantic venture south. Jesse’s style of writing is in a league of its own, with a copious flow of raw emotion, beautifully crafted phrasing, and incredible imagery. Digging through the dirt and grit, he discovers these true gems. Through friends of friends around Pittsburgh, the band members found each other, and an ‘aggressive folk’ formula that works masterfully. By now, the Bear Cub boys have dug their heels in Nashville and are making their voices heard loud and clear around town. They are currently working on new material, and putting out a brand new single, "The Jinx" on Tues., 6/21.