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Trinity is a world beat band with 4 band members three of whom are brothers who grew up in Peru. Their music is mixture of various world-music styles in a popmusic sleeve. A danceable, joyous and melodious mix that guarantees a party at any live show and a great balance between uptempo and quiet songs on their albums.

The four guys had been making music for a long time, but in 2004 they discovered their winning formula. They created their own sound by combining Latin-American and Irish influences with all sorts of world-music. Popmusic with world influences: Worldbeat. The musical journey so far has led the four men to six albums: Inicio (2007), Cada Dia (2009), Este Momento (2010), Pueblos Todos (LIVE) (2011), Qué Mas (2012) and MUNDO (2014). They have sold tens of thousands of copies of their albums. Their music is lively, emotional and festive. Pleasing to the ear and the dancing feet. The band characterizes itself further by combining various languages like Spanish and English but also Zulu and French. For MUNDO Trinity worked with producer Gordon Groothedde to further develop their sound and to integrate the various influences to a unified whole.

The band doesn’t only play their cheerful and passionate songs in the Netherlands but performed in Russia, Ireland, the Gambia, Kenya and Peru and regularly tours in the UK, France, Switzerland and Germany.

Besides their normal shows Trinity hosts their own event, Trinity & Friends. A small indoor festival with performances by fellow bands and musicians. A festival that ends with Trinity throwing a great party on stage. A true feast where people can enjoy food and goods from all over the globe. The atmosphere displays the character of the band: laid-back, pure and hospitable.