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Raised in the hot, sweaty, fertile armpit of California by a single mother on welfare, Austitron was unable to develop a marketable drug addiction, find a baby-mama before legal voting age, or even build up a decent rap sheet ('Tron admits he has only been able to obtain ONE outstanding warrant in Oregon). Due to his utter failure at being a standard lowlife, he set his sights on the next best thing: life as a rocker. Shortly after moving to Los Angeles, 'Tron began running around the US and other countries as a bass player and eventual songwriter for the LA-based pop-rock trio, Everybody Else. During his time with the band, he had the opportunity to open for acts like Beck, Xzibit, Rooney, and The Veronicas, as well as lend his musical skills, on- and off-stage, to Billboard charting-artists like Hanson, Ben Lee, and The Summer Set. Writing from the points of view of the heartbroken, the horny, the pimped-out-ride-pimper-outer, the dying, and the hopelessly romantic, Austitron delivers a fun-filled, foul-mouthed, and heartfelt interpretation of the human condition. The musicality, while always deceptively simple, spreads across genres from all over California and beyond. With instrumentation involving strings and coke bottles, rusty saws of synth, quiet solo piano, or percussive, rhythmic guitar, the music coming out of Austitron Industries will always keep your toes tapping when it's not tugging on your heartstrings or causing you to question the nature of existence.