Andy Suzuki & The Method : "The Glass Hour"

"The Glass Hour"

Andy Suzuki & The Method

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Andy Suzuki & The Method

Rock : R&B

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1975, Kevin Garratt, Chvrches


New York, NY

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The Glass Hour is half-reminiscent of their previous folk-pop, but quickly shifts to stranger things, into a near-future pop that sounds like it's beaming in from the year 2019. The rhythmic intricacies still reflect the hand-percussionist half of their writing team, only with Juny Mag scaling everything up to stadium-sized dimensions. Its sensibilities hover somewhere between Jack Garratt and Michael Jackson, and nowhere is this clearer than on I Can't Live, Overtime, and— unmistakably— on I Need You More, which could easily double as a movie

soundtrack to an impromptu streetdancing scene. Then, with another flick of the radio dial, wecoast through stretches of soul and blues that would be the envy of Amos Lee, and hear great cloudbursts of gospel choir breaking through on Shelter.

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