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Armaan Ali, whose real name is Fawad Ali Shaikh (born June 16, 1993), spent the first few years of his life in Karachi, Pakistan. Raised in a household where music was played on a daily basis, Ali was singing along to his mother’s favorite records before he could properly speak. After moving seven seas away to The States at age six, everything about this his life changed, even the music. Fast forward through some years of growing up... In 2009, Ali stepped in to the local scene as an architect of words with an appeal in more genres than one hand could count. The only problem, he was realizing that he had no link into the industry which is where he wanted to be. The local scene was over-crowded with rappers, but the subject matter that Ali was finding himself writing more and more about… consisted of something that could be marketed to a completely different audience, R&B. After a few years of jumping in and out of bands and singing back-ground to lead vocals here and there, Ali was starting to get placements as a songwriter for artists scattered all over the East-Coast.

2011 - 2013 marked his transition into a solo artist & the build of his gradually growing global fanbase- Pour L'Amour Music Group x CANVS (Armaan's Camp) have played a massive role in his growth as an artist. Ali is not another face behind pre-written lyrics. He is not another one hit wonder. Nor is he a talent that’ll fade away with some time. By taking full control of the songwriting, sound engineering, mixing, mastering, video production - it is safe to say that he is fully involved with almost every aspect of this journey. There is no doubt that the young artist is gradually raising his profile with consistent performances, singles, and videos. With his young and fresh, yet sophisticated image, Armaan Ali is bringing more than just a music catalog to the table, he's bringing a breath of fresh air.

Pour L'Amour (2012 - 2013) - November 24, 2013: Now Available on:

Armaan Ali has already begun working with his camp on visuals as well as some major producers in London, NY, Vancouver, and back home in VA / DC to kick start his EP for mid-2014.

Armaan: "Peace & Love to everyone who is supporting and a massive welcome to those who have just now joined my journey, I love you all from the bottom of my heart and cannot wait to share what's currently going on behind the scenes."