Amy Stroup : I GOT THIS (SINGLE)


Amy Stroup

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TITLE: I GOT THIS ( as heard on #PrettyLittleLiars) ARTIST: AMY STROUP Website: Instagram: Twitter: Facebook: Writers: Josh Williams & Jeff Bowman and Amy Stroup

This is where it starts With my heart Beating loud

This is where it ends oh yea It’s about to go down Can’t - stop - here I go Just - watch -now you know Can’t - stop - here I go Just - watch -now you know

I got this Just how want it Oh Oh Oh I got this I’m on it Oh Oh Oh Get Wild Get loud Show em how I got this ahhh ohhh ahhh oh oh oh

Gonna bring the heat Gonna cause a scene Watch me now Ain’t playing games But I’m taking names So watch out

Bridge: Get Loud Get Wild Show em how Show em how Get Wild Get Loud Show em