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Tropical Records sets up the debut CD entitled Controversy by the incomparable dancehall pop sensation, Alayna.Obviously compared to top pop dancehall artists like Lady Saw and Tanya Stephens, the brand new Tropical Records artist Alayna seems to have that same recipe and formula of raw beat coupled with raw lyrics. Much more of a brash attitude than the likes of Lady Saw and Stephens, Alayna’s debut CD Controversy demonstrates her robust vocals and lively delivery of her songs. Controversy is an album filled with ten brand new songs that are real and very enjoyable dancehall tunes. The first single being released to radio by Tropical (Records) is the hit song, I Know You Like It which has absolute cross over capabilities for radio play. Other standout songs on the full length CD are the Final Talk and V.I. and the Pretty Pussy Whine is getting a lot of attention at radio.