Aaron Washington : ASoundRoutine, Vol. 2 Long Tones

ASoundRoutine, Vol. 2 Long Tones

Aaron Washington

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Aaron Washington

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I've produced a set of play-along recordings that will help you develop the trumpet sound you want. These tracks feature a variety of modern pop, hip-hop and jazz instrumentals that will make your daily routine more fun and engaging.

How to Use:

*Use headphones to better focus on the sound of the trumpet.

*Be careful not to listen to the tracks too loudly. You will damage your hearing if you do.

*Play as softly as you can with a well-supported sound.

*Start and end in order from track #1 to track #6.

*Use a tuner but do not stare at it to fix intonation. Use your ears to help you adjust.

For each track:

1) Listen to me play for two measures each.

2) Play exactly what you hear me play while I'm resting.

3) Or...Play when I play and rest when I rest. Play softly enough to fit your sound into my sound.

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