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Bright Star

Aaron Strumpel

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My album, Bright Star, turned two a couple of years ago and to celebrate, I've put it up here on Noisetrade! It's my latest full-length release and was named in the Top 5 Indie Worship Releases of 2015 by Worship Leader Magazine, the song MIGHTIER being named in the Top 20 overall songs of 2015.

Tips and proceeds will go to Horizons International School of Hope. I'm a friend of some folks here in Boulder who's brother runs the refugee organization - here's a text I just received:

"They are inundated with refugee needs. Lebanon has taken 1.1 million Syrian refugees, 800k Palestinian refugees and Lebanon itself has only a population of 4 million." Read more at the website: http://www.horizonsinternational.org/school-of-hope

Bright Star will be up on Noisetrade for all of February so please share the link with friends!

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